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The WILD Advisory Board meets twice a year to suggest and advise as to how WILD can meet the needs of their members and constituents.


108 Myrtle St.   4th Floor

Quincy,  MA 02171


Joanie Parker

Organizing Director

Mary Amato - Community Works

Anneta Argyres  - UMass Boston

Sarah Bartlett - UMass Boston

Carol Bates - AFGE

Elaine Bernard  - Harvard Trade Union Program

Alex Brown - IUE 201

Elissa Cadillic 

Lisa Clauson - NERCC/CLMP

Daniela Dana

Colleen Doherty - SEIU 509

Enid Eckstein - SEIU 1199

Lydia Edwards - Brazilian Imigration Center

Allyson Every - Labor Guild

Sandy Felder - AFL-CIO

Lisa Gallatin,  MA AFL-CIO

Tolle Graham - Mass COSH

Monica Halas - UAW Legal Services

Emily Hardt - Former WILD Board Director

Rebecca Hornstein,  North Shore Central Labor Council

Jeannette Huezo - United for a Fair Economy

Lisa Lemieux,  SEIU 1199

Aliza Levine - JOIN

Katie Liljegren - Tradeswomen Network

Isabel Lopez 

Gillian Mason - JWJ

Jenaya Nelson - Tradeswomen Network

Ann O'Connor

Joanie Parker - Former Board Member

Cynthia Rodrigues - Southeastern MA Central Labor Council

Jennifer Springer - SEIU 888

Susan Tousignant - SEIU 509

Magalis Troncoso - Dominican Development Center

Veronica Turner - SEIU 1199

Eve Weinbaum - UMass Amherst

Ellen Wallace - UAW Cap Council

Karen Wheeler - GALLAN

Donene Williams - HCTWU

Celia Wisclo - SEIU 1199



WILD 32 Annual Summer Institute

June 22, 23 and 24th

Hampshire College

Amherst, MA