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The WILD Advisory Board meets twice a year to suggest and advise as to how WILD can meet the needs of their members and constituents.


108 Myrtle St.   4th Floor

Quincy,  MA 02171


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Photo of Ruthella LoganPhoto of Ruthella LoganTerry King, Director

Mary Amato - Community Works

Anneta Argyres  - UMass Boston

Sarah Bartlett - UMass Boston

Carol Bates - AFGE

Elaine Bernard  - Harvard Trade Union Program

Alex Brown - IUE 201

Elissa Cadillic 

Lisa Clauson - NERCC/CLMP

Daniela Dana

Colleen Doherty - SEIU 509

Enid Eckstein - SEIU 1199

Lydia Edwards - Brazilian Imigration Center

Allyson Every - Labor Guild

Sandy Felder - AFL-CIO

Lisa Gallatin,  MA AFL-CIO

Tolle Graham - Mass COSH

Monica Halas - UAW Legal Services

Emily Hardt - Former WILD Board Director

Rebecca Hornstein,  North Shore Central Labor Council

Jeannette Huezo - United for a Fair Economy

Lisa Lemieux,  SEIU 1199

Aliza Levine - JOIN

Katie Liljegren - Tradeswomen Network

Isabel Lopez 

Gillian Mason - JWJ

Jenaya Nelson - Tradeswomen Network

Ann O'Connor

Joanie Parker - Former Board Member

Cynthia Rodrigues - Southeastern MA Central Labor Council

Jennifer Springer - SEIU 888

Susan Tousignant - SEIU 509

Magalis Troncoso - Dominican Development Center

Veronica Turner - SEIU 1199

Eve Weinbaum - UMass Amherst

Ellen Wallace - UAW Cap Council

Karen Wheeler - GALLAN

Donene Williams - HCTWU

Celia Wisclo - SEIU 1199